We talk about everything that will transform our cities 

 We talk about everything that will transform our cities 

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carlo ratti

Carlo Ratti in Greencities 2020

Conference: Senseable Cities

September 30th / 3:45 p.m. – Green Point

Architect, engineer, inventor, teacher and director of the MIT Senseable City Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.

Featured Speakers

Prestigious professionals will be talking about urban sustainability

Alicia Asín Libelium

Alicia Asín


Antonio Gómez-Guillamón - AERTEC Solutions

Antonio Gómez-Guillamón

CEO & Founder
AERTEC Solutions

Antonio López de Ávila - TDDS

Antonio López de Ávila

President & CEO

Celestino Rodrígues - Universidad de Algarve

Celestino Rodrígues

Prof. DEM/Instituto Superior de Engenharia
Universidade do Algarve (Portugal)

Enrique Martínez - Segittur

Enrique Martínez


Ezequiel Navarro - Grupo Premo

Ezequiel Navarro

Grupo Premo

Francisco Baeza - Sistem Group

Francisco Baeza

Comercial Director
Sistem Group

Jose Antonio Ondiviela - Microsoft

José Antonio Ondiviela

Director of Smart Cities

Juanjo Hierro - Fiware

Juanjo Hierro

Fiware Foundation

Katarina Thostensson - Göteborg

Katarina Thorstensson

Sustainability Strategist
Göteborg – European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020

Lola Ortíz - Ayto Madrid

Lola Ortíz

General Director of Planning and Mobility Infrastructures
City Council of Madrid

María Jesús Almanzor - Telefónica

María Jesús Almanzor


Miguel Ruiz ATUC

Miguel Ruíz


Silvia Roldán - Metro Madrid

Silvia Roldán

Metro Madrid

Teresa Riesgo - Ministerio

Teresa Riesgo

Secretary General
Ministry of Science and Innovation

Featured Tables

Prestigious professionals will be talking about urban sustainability for two days

Requirements for circularity

Circular Economy Forum

Wednesday, 30th September

9:30 a.m.

How, the design, production, distribution and lifecyle of products and services should be, so that the processes carried out by companies become simpler and provide better added value to the following steps, such as reuse.


  • Sonia Palomo. Technology Transfer and International Relations Director of Technology Park of Andalusia (PTA)


  • International Speaker from PTA
  • Carla Cano. Manager of collection area and leads innovation area at Ecovidrio
  • Antonia Lorenzo. CEO at Bioazul and partner of Collecting Nature
  • César Morais. Commercial Director at ENVAC
  • Jesús Ajuria. Regional Director Southern Europe CONTENUR

Horizon 2030: Environmental Sustainability in the UMA

IGC Forum

Wednesday, 30th September

9:30 a.m.


  • Patricia Mora. Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Smart-Campus of the University of Málaga

Connected and autonomous vehicles roundtable

telefónica empresas

S-Moving Forum

Wednesday, 30th September

1:30 p.m.

Autonomous and connected mobility systems represent a great opportunity for the development of new means of transportation, both present and future. Furthermore, innovation and the application of new technologies to connected and autonomous vehicles offer the possibility of a number of applications in a wide range of production, business, social and environmental fields.


  • Fernando Ferrero. Director of Strategic Investments at Agencia IDEA


  • Ana Belén Sánchez. INTA leader of FUTURE SKY URBAN AIR MOBILITY. (INTA)
  • Fernando Rodríguez. Vicepresident of Connectivity at DEKRA
  • José Antonio Florido. Head of Digital Business in the Southern Territory at Telefónica
  •  Virtual  Laurentino Gutiérrez. Commercial manager for Electrification at AVL Ibérica
  • Joaquín Rodríguez Grau. General Director of the Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies (CATEC)

Digital Society: artificial intelligence and technology solutions for Smart Cities

Green Point

Wednesday, 30th September

1:30 p.m.

The adoption of digital technologies in order to supply products and/or services to cities or for robotic production processes, IoT, Big Data and artificial intelligence is spreading rapidly, leading to a digital society.


  • Francisco Monchón. President, Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía – CTA


  • Alicia Asín. Co-founder and CEO at Libelium
  • José Antonio Ondiviela. Director SmartCities of Western Europe Microsoft
  • José María Bellido. Mayor of Córdoba
  • Alberto García. Responsible for Smart Cities at Iberdrola
  • Orange

Intermodality and the traveller’s experience post COVID19

S-Moving Forum

Wednesday, 30th September

3:30 p.m.

The immediate present and the future of mobility involves intermodality or the combined use of different means of transportation. Thus, the user can tailor their method of travelling, saving time and choosing the means of transport that best suit their tastes and needs. The COVID crisis has established new requirements regarding social distancing, health measures, etc… which has generated a new scenario in which this customization will improve the traveller’s experience by ensuring compliance with new security protocols that are supported by technology.


  • Mario Muñoz-Atanet. General Director of Mobility at the Regional Government of Andalusia


  • José Llorca. Head of the Innovation Area at State Ports
  • Francisco Baeza. Comercial Director at Sistem Group
  • Ana Pérez. Airport Planning Expert at AERTEC Solutions
  • Jesús Herrero. Secretary General of the Association of Collective Urban Transport management Businesses (ATUC)

IBERDROLA: Smart Solutions: Efficiency and Mobility


S-Moving Forum

Wednesday, 30th September

4:30 p.m.

The evolution towards a more electrified and sustainable economy has its main field of development in transport, in domestic consumption and in companies. The most efficient and cleanest technologies are already sufficiently mature and available. The biggest challenge is to propose solutions that users can adopt in a simple way and with a quick and tangible return. New business models are required, new relationships between products and services and new roles, with the customer always at the centre. At this table we will learn about cases and specific solutions already implemented that can be used for further discussion.


  • Carlos Bergara. Responsable Relaciones Externas Smart Mobility, Iberdrola


Case 1: Recarga pública en restaurantes

  • Jesús Arevalo. McDonald´s de Mijas

Case 2: Autoconsumo en hoteles

  • Julio Martínez. Hotel Campanile Málaga

Case 3: Autoconsumo en centros comerciales

  • José Félix Jiménez. MAKRO Sevilla

Innovative Companies Forum

SDG Forum

Thursday, October 1st

10:00 a.m.


Presented by:

  • Felipe Romera. General Director of the Technology Park of Andalusia (PTA) and President of the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain (APTE)
  • Luis Fernando Álvarez-Gascón. President of the Innovative Companies Forum (FEI)

Potentialities of solar cooking in Mediterranean region

IGC Forum

Thursday, October 1st

11:00 a.m.


  • Celestino Ruivo. DEM/Instituto Superior de Engenharia da Universidade do Algarve (Portugal)

TALENT WOMAN by Greencities & S-Moving

SDG Forum

Thursday, October 1st

11:00 a.m.

The role of women during the COVID-19 crisis has been of great importance, in their management in hospitals, projects and cities… in an environment marked by uncertainty and the difficulties that the pandemic has brought with it. Women who have played a key role during this health crisis will participate, contributing their vision and experience in management, at an unprecedented moment in recent history.


  • Miguel González Suela. Deputy Secretary for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge


  • Susana Carillo. First Deputy Mayor of the City Council of Málaga
  • Lorena García de Izarra. Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Business and Universities of the Regional Government of Andalusia
  • Lara Méndez. Mayor of Lugo
  • Ángela Ribeiro. Deputy Vice President of Knowledge Transfer of the Higher Council for Scientific Research CSIC
  • Teresa Riesgo. General Secretary for Innovation of the Ministry of Science and Innovation

Smart Tourist Destinations: how to address it after COVID19

Green Point

Thursday, October 1st

1:00 p.m.

For many municipalities, economic recovery has been accompanied by the revival of tourism after the global health crisis. Addressing the current situation and planning measures for the future of national tourism requires the planning of projects that will make these cities sustainable, smart and safe tourist destinations, given the current situation.


  • Antonio López de Ávila. President and CEO at Tourism Data Driven Solutions (TDDS)


  • Enrique Martínez. President of the State Mercantile Society for the Management of Tourism Innovation and Technologies Segittur
  • Antonio Pérez. Mayor of Benidorm and representative of the Network of Smart Tourist Destinations (Red DTI)
  • Rosa Sánchez. Councillor for Tourism of the City Council of Málaga
  • Antonio Bernabé. Managing Director of Fundación Turismo Valencia
  •  Virtual  Katarina Torstensson. Sustainability Strategist at Göteborg – European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020
  •  Virtual  Victoire GOUST. Deputy Mayor and Delegation for Responsible Tourism and Major Events Lyon Francia


Success stories, the vision of experts, the debate, challenges of the cities, the policies for the development of intelligent territories… Everything that will transform our cities into those spaces.

Green Point

Space for the presentation, by institutions and companies, of the political and technological advances for the development of Smart Territories. Presentation and analysis of the 2030 agenda, within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


SDG Point

Space for the presentation of ideas and initiatives promoted to make the future smarter and more sustainable, based on the 2030 route and the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals)


S-Moving Forum

S-Moving is the reference space for companies, professionals, entities and public administrations in the sectors of Intelligent, Autonomous and Connected Vehicles.

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 Virtual Congress
The International Greencities Congress brings together all the scientific content of the Greencities Forum through the presentation and exhibition of scientific communications.

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III Circular Economy Forum

This forum will tackle projects and initiatives that are promoting this model and leading to a new economic and social model. All the actions that companies, researchers, public administrations and entrepreneurs are taking to optimize resources and materials have a place here.


The Greencities programme is a commitment to the dissemination and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals

These will be the themes for Greencities 2020

Greencities addresses the main issues of the smart cities sector. What is inspiring you?


Government, economy and citizen participation:

Social innovation and accessibility
Smart tourist destinations
Financing, entrepreneurship and local economic development
Development of Smart Territories


Urban mobility:

Transport infrastructures and public transport
New forms of mobility: electric and sustainable mobility, hybrid vehicle, shared mobility, multimodal transport


Green ecosystem:

Circular economy, the environment and climate change
Energy efficiency and renewable energy
Urbanism: architecture and sustainable rehabilitation, smart buildings
Water and waste: water management and waste management
Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility


Digital society:

Digital resources
Internet of things
Big data / cloud
Technological solutions
Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity


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