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What is inspiring you?

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The most updated agenda on sustainability, urban management and smart mobility is discussed here. Research, experiences, case studies and analysis.

Urban Arena

Projects, innovative initiatives, policy and technological developments of companies and institutions. Startup ecosystem, investment and funding

  • Green hydrogen
  • Decarbonisation
  • Depopulation

Mobility Arena

Smart and sustainable mobility, urban, connected, electric, autonomous

  • Strategic project for economic recovery and transformation (PERTE): electric vehicle
  • Low Emission Zones
  • Micro Mobility Governance
  • Advance Air Mobility

Sustainability Room

Projects and initiatives that advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Right to Repair
  • Reuse and recycling
  • Waste management
  • Eco-design

City speakers

Space in which representatives of the municipalities presented projects, needs, opportunities and challenges they are facing.

Call for Startups

National and international startups with Low Emission Zones projects had the opportunity to increase their visibility in front of experts from the investment and municipal sectors.

Guest City: Santander

The Cantabrian capital presented its management model as well as its commitment to incorporating technological innovation in different areas and services to citizens.

Cities Meeting

Figure that offered the opportunity to a city of reference in the field of smartcities to have a highlighted participation in all areas of the event.

Side Events

Major events organised by companies and entities that participate in the Forum and have chosen Greencities & S-Moving as a platform to hold their meetings.


The Forum brings together experts in sustainability, urban management and smart mobility.

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Alfonso Flores Rubio

Public Administration Business Development Officer