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What is inspiring you?

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You can now download the #GreencitiesMLG & #S-Moving22 APP

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The most updated agenda on sustainability, urban management and smart mobility is discussed here. Research, experiences, case studies and analysis in more than 200 presentations.

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Greencities Arena

Projects, innovative initiatives, policy and technological developments of companies and institutions

S-Moving Arena

Intelligent and sustainable mobility, urban, connected, electric and autonomous

Urban Intelligence Room

Startup ecosystem, investment and funding

Sustainability Room

Projects and initiatives that advance the SDGs


Side events

Events organised by companies participating in the Forum

Call for Startups

Spanish and foreign start-ups with cybersecurity projects, will have the opportunity to increase their visibility in front of the experts of the investment and municipal environment.


Guest city

New figure that will offer the opportunity to a city of reference in the field of smartcities to to have a highlitghted participation in all areas of the event.


Call 4 Speakers

International experts in smartcities and connected and sustainable mobility will be offered the opportunity to participate in a reference event in the sector.


Cities Meeting

The municipal representatives will meet in two meetings to discuss the current challenges of the urban environment.



Greencities & S-Moving will address the main topics of the smart cities sector in 2022. Check out the main contents that will be covered in the Forum programmes.

Greencities Arena

  • Connectivity and digitalization
  • Smart Tourism Destinations
  • Smart rural, connectivity
  • Innovación in smart cities: new applications
  • Sustainability: energy, water, and air quality

S-Moving Arena

  • Technology as a key element for urban traffic management
    • Last mile deliveries
    • Mobility in areas with high depopulation rates
  • Intelligent, connected, and electric mobility
    • Smart mobility in 2022: from electrification to artificial intelligence
    • The future of mobility:
      • GAIA-X: searching for a unique European space for data
      • New solutions Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I)
      • Aids to decarbonize and digitize urban mobility
      • Cleaner and more sustainable vehicles for transport industry
  • Cybersecurity and connectivity: challenges and improvements for vehicles

Urban Intelligence Room

  • Disruptive technologies
    • Artificial Intelligence as a tool for security
  • From cities to housings: technology, equality, and sustainability
  • Funding
  • Call for start-ups

Sustainability Room

  • Renewable energies and decarbonization
    • Green hydrogen
    • Urban renaturalization and green infrastructures
  • Urban Agenda
  • Experiences and success stories
  • Eco-design: right to repair (Circular Economy Forum)
  • Eco-textile (Circular Economy Forum)
  • Distribution, use and reuse (Circular Economy Forum)
  • Boosting circularity, a commitment from Europe: Circular Economy´s PERTE (Circular Economy Forum)


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